The Edinburgh Instruments FLS900 Fluorescence spectrometer

The FLS920 is a spectrofluorimeter offering combined steady state and fluorescence lifetime capabilities. 

A sample holder for solutions is available as well as a holder for solid samples.

A 450W Xenon lamp is used as a probe for steady state experiments. A Photo Multiplier Tube is the detector.

Pulsed lasers and light emitting diodes are used for lifetime measurements. Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) using a MicroChannel Plate is the detection method. Special dedicated software is available for analyzing time resolved data.

An Oxford Instruments OptistatDN variable temperature liquid nitrogen cryostat can be used for low temperature experiments down to 77K.  

Available pulsed lasers:

Wavelength (nm) FWHM (ps)
372 ~40
444 ~45
Available LED’s
Wavelength (nm) FWHM (ps)
265 ~550
283 ~410
309 ~340
334 ~340
501 ~760