The Edinburgh Instruments LP920 - Laser Flash Photolysis Spectrometer

The LP920 is a laser flash photolysis spectrometer, designed for studies of laser induced transient absorption and emission.

A  Quantel  Brilliant Nd: YAG laser working at 1064 nm is used as laser excitation source. Harmonics to obtain 532, 355 and 266 nm excitation wavelengths are available. Also an Opotek Inc. Rainboω Optical Parametric Oscillator is available to obtain excitation wavelengths starting from 410 up to 680 nm.

The sample holder can be thermo stabilized by a waterbath.

A 450W (pulsed) Xenon lamp is used as probe.

An Andor iCCD camera is available for time resolved spectral experiments. An oscilloscope controlled Photo Multiplier Tube can be used for kinetic studies in the UV/VIS range, while a Ge detector is available for kinetic studies at the NIR range. Time ranges from ns to s can be analyzed.   

Edingburgh Instruments L900 is controlling the whole system.