Click Chemistry Team wins Royal Society of Chemistry’s New Horizon

Published on
June 9, 2021

Han Zuilhof and group members from the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry of Wageningen University & Research have been named as winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Robert Robinson Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, the new Organic Division’s Horizon Prize. Zuilhof and co-workers are part of a multinational collaboration of scientists that collectively received this award, with a/o contributions from Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, US, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Long Island, US, Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China and Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands.

The team receives the prize for the development of multidimensional click chemistry, a next-generation click-technology that extends bond creation into the three-dimensional world, opening doors to new frontiers in biomedicine, materials science, and beyond.

They become one of the first winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s new Horizon Prizes, introduced after the organisation carried out a wholesale review of its recognition portfolio to better reflect modern science and its impacts in making the world a better place.

Horizon Prize 2021

Professor Han Zuilhof from the group Organic Chemistry at Wageningen University & Research is very pleased with the prize: “This prize is a recognition of our collaborative research in the field of click chemistry. It shows the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise in science and the potential of blue sky research for becoming practically applicable in fully unforeseen areas of science. In addition, this team award recognizes the importance of all those involved, with research from six countries on four continents.”  

More information on the prize winning research can be found here. And read here all the details of the Horizon Prize 2021.