PhD trip 2009

It has been a tradition for some time now that approximately every two years the PhD students of the laboratory of Organic Chemistry of Wageningen University organize a study trip abroad. The main goal of this study trip is for the PhD students to get into contact with colleagues from different universities or institutes outside of the Netherlands.

During such a trip there is always ample opportunity for the students to give lectures, presenting their own research. Also the colleagues from the groups visited are invited to present their work. This enables the PhD students to discuss the problems they encounter during their research and, because mainly PhD students are presenting their work, this gives the possibility to have informal discussions about topics directly related to their work.

In 2007, a PhD-trip was organized to Sweden. Six different research groups, at four different universities and institutes, and one company were visited.

Likewise, in 2009 we plan to make a study trip to, Beijing and Shanghai, China for about two weeks starting from 9th of May 2009 with 17 PhD Students and two staff members (Prof.dr. H. Zuilhof and Prof.dr. C.J.M. van Rijn).