A Combination of Piezo Vibration and Membrane Surface Modification in Dynamic Micro Fractionation System


Our research is focusing on micro/nano membranes, the 150 µm-thickness membrane made of SiN on Si support, initiated by Aquamarijn Micro Filtration BV. These membranes have been developed in many fields, especially biological sample preparation, food processing, emulsification.
Fouling is one of the main problems in membrane filtration process. It causes an increase in membrane resistance, affecting both the quality and the quantity of filtration process. The efficiency of filtration process was influenced by the structure of the membrane, membrane surface features, dynamic fractionation parameters. Many antifouling methods are developed to prolong lifetime of filtration process such as: back-pulse, cross-flow, surface modification, sonic irradiation. However, depending on the particularity of membrane, the proper antifouling method has to be considered. With 150 µm SiN membranes, the vibration of membrane induced by piezo bender was applied to anti-foul membrane and the immobilization of Hexaethylene Glycol Methyl ω-Undencenyl Ether for protein repellent was combined to enhance filtration process.

The research is focused on developing high flux effect in dynamic micro fractionation system as a result of combination of membrane vibration and membrane surface modification.

Interested in:
Surface modification, membrane filtration, anti-fouling membrane, dynamic fractionation system, food processing.