2013 ORC PhD trip to Germany & Switzerland

To accumulate more knowledge through healthy exchange of ideas and spot themselves within the global research scenario, PhD students from Lab of Organic Chemistry (ORC) organize an international study trip every two years. This bi-annual event, which started with small steps from a few enthusiastic young researchers, has become a unique event over the years. Although accompanied by staff members, this study-trip is organised for and by PhD-students, which provides an informal setting to get in contact with colleagues from different universities and institutes outside of the Netherlands.

During such a trip the exchange of knowledge and ideas is the key to success, which is achieved by the PhD-students by giving lectures about their own research. Colleagues from the groups that are visited are invited to present their own work, which enables students to discuss the problems they encounter during their research. Moreover, because mainly PhD-students are presenting their work, this gives the possibility to have informal discussions about topics directly related to their work.

With previous success stories, now this PhD study trip has been officially recognized by the graduate schools as an important part of the PhD curriculum, since it helps nurture future developments of the PhD students as growing scientists. This year, in line with previous PhD-trips, we tend to hold on to that tradition by organizing a 9-day visit to research groups in Germany and Switzerland with 13 PhD-students accompanied and supervised by ORC chair, prof. dr. Han Zuilhof and dr. Tom Wennekes.

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Saurabh K. Srivastava (Chairman)
Wilco Duvivier (Public Relations Officer)
Jorin Hoogenboom (General Secretary)
Nagendra Bhairamadgi (Treasurer)