Research Topics & Abstracts

Below you will find the research topics of the participating PhD students and an abstract (downloadable pdf)

Participant: Research Topic: Abstract pdf: E-mail:
Saurabh K. Srivastava Nanoelectronic biosensors for agro-food, environmental, medical monitoring and diagnostics applications. abstract
Sweccha Joshi Enhanced bioresolution and miniaturization of Surface Plasmon Resonance optical sensing (SPRing) abstract
Jorin Hoogenboom Chemistry in bloom: elucidating the transition to flowering in plants abstract
Aline Debrassi Biofunctionalization of porous aluminum oxide for targeted capture and growth of microbes abstract
Nagendra S. Bhairamadgi Surface functionalization via Thiol-Yne click chemistry abstract
Bas van den Berg Covalently Attached Organocatalysts in Microreactors abstract
Sidharam P. Pujari H-terminated Si(111) Modification With trans-enynes: Densely Packed And Highly Stable Monolayers. abstract
Florine Duval Oriented immobilization of antibodies on biosensor surfaces abstract
Rickdeb Sen Throwing DARTs at the surface abstract
Wilco Duvivier The molecular basis of chemical hair evidence abstract
Satesh Gangarapu Computational studies on CO2-amine interactions abstract
Tjerk Sminia Synthesis of Microbial Sialic Acids for Study of Glycobiology of Microbes in the Human Gut abstract