iGEM Wageningen University


University student teams around the world can participate in the yearly iGEM competition (International Genetically Engineered Machine). Since the first participation in 2011 all our teams met the requirements for a gold medal. In addition our teams of 2014, 2016 and 2019 became second worldwide in the overgraduate division of the competition. So our iGEM teams have been very successful.

Solutions for real-world challenges

In iGEM, the teams come up with creative solutions to solve real-world challenges covering a diverse range of topic areas. For example food, energy, medicine, environment, bio manufacturing. After carrying out the project, the best teams are offered the opportunity to present their work at the world jamboree. In the past years more than 300 teams from 41 different countries (undergraduate and overgraduate division) subscribed to iGEM with in total 4800 participants.

iGEM Wageningen University & Research

Our iGEM team is hosted and supervised by the Laboratories for Systems and Synthetic Biology (SSB), Microbiology (MIB) and Bioprocess Engineering (BPE). These Laboratories are looking for motivated and enthusiastic students who do not fear to be challenged. Being part of the iGEM team is demanding, but it is an extraordinary experience.

Are you motivated and enthusiastic?

Because Synthetic Biology is an interdisciplinary endeavor, it does not matter if you are more interested in mathematical modelling or designing and performing experiments or human outreach or fundraising. We will need many different types of talents.

Join iGEM?

The iGEM year typically runs from January till October and interested students should ideally get in touch before December of the preceding year.


Interested in joining the Wageningen iGEM team as a student? Contact one of the main supervisors below.