Rheometers & DMA

Rheometer (Anton Paar, MCR 300)

type (brand): MRC 300 (Anton Paar)

Use for: Couette (single, double gap), Birefringence,

room: 6052, Helix


Rheometer (Anton Paar, MCR 301)

type (brand): MRC 301 (Anton Paar)

Use for: Stainless steel (SS) and Titanium (Ti) geometries: Concentric cylinder CC10 (SS + Ti) (solvent trap available), Concentric cylinder CC17 (SS) (solvent trap available), Parallel plate PP50 (SS), Parallel plate PP25 (SS), PP43/GL glass plate-plate (for microscopy, DWS, LSI, birefringence), PIV setup, Cone plate CP75 (SS), Temperature cells, Tribometer, Disposable shafts (threaded/non-threaded), Peltier plates + Covers

room: 6052, Helix


Rheometer (Anton Paar, MCR 501)

type (brand): MRC 501 (Anton Paar)

room: 6052, Helix


Rheometer (TA)

brand: TA

Use for: Temperature control, Plate-Plate, Couette, Custom Geometries, DMA mode, Camera imaging

room: 6052, Helix


Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

type (brand): Q800 (TA)

Use for:Deform soft materials to determine modules. Sample range mm-cm size, force range 0-18N. With climate chamber to control air temperature and humidity

room: 7102, Helix

Literature Specs:DMA Q800