PhD Trip 2009 - France and Switzerland

Every two years PhD students from PCC organize a scientific trip abroad, in order to exchange knowledge and experiences, but also to start new and interesting collaborations!

In 2009, from April 13 to 26, we have visited companies, universities and scientific institutes in Switzerland and France (Paris). During each visit some of our PhD students have presented their work to the host group and, in turn, the host group presented us some of their recent work.

Our laboratory is active in the field of physical chemistry and colloid science and the planned trip included a wide cross-section of this field.

Monday 13th of April Transfer Wageningen Basel (Hostel BackPack)
Tuesday 14th of April Visit in Roche (Basel)
Wednesday 15th of April Visit in EMPA (Zürich) Visit at ETH
Thursday 16th of April Adolphe Merkle Institute – contact Ilja Voets (Fribourg)
Friday 17th of April University of Basel
Saturday 18th of April Transfer to Paris (Hotel Darcet)
Sunday 19th of April Cultural activities
Monday 20th of April Maria Skłodowska-Curie laboratory – Elise Rotureau (Paris)
Tuesday 21st of April Universite Diderot Paris Berret department (Paris)
Wednesday 22nd of Apil Paris
Thursday 23rd of April Paris
Friday 24rth of April Transfer to Wageningen