Column: Prof. Cees Buisman, Chair ETE

Published on
December 1, 2022

Next year will be a very special year for me, since I will stop as chair at ETE after 20 years. Also, my colleague, Professor Huub Rijnaarts, will retire within 18 months. Therefore, two chair positions are vacant now in ETE and the search and selection for the new chairs is going on at this moment. It will be very exciting to know who will take over the leadership and responsibility of ETE.

The last 20 years, ETE has grown steadily and has continuously renewed itself. Many students did their MSc or PhD at our department, we welcomed many new colleagues and developed a completely new research program.I believe all former chairs since 1965 can be satisfied with the current department! Our program has expanded with many topics with currently more than 50 projects running simultaneously.

I am proud of our achievements. We continued to work in this difficult but very meaningful and important field. We have found solutions to a variety of existing environmental problems. We succeeded in many innovations, spin offs and high- quality research. I wish the new leaders inspiration for the next 20 years.