Guidelines for the evaluation meeting

After 6 week student and supervisor have an evaluation talk. Goal is to discuss each others functioning. Also how the thesis goes according to expectations of both parties. It’s no judgment.

Setup of the talk

First the student explains what he or she wants to discuss. Then the supervisor does the same. Last to be discussed are the issues that come forward and together we can look at solutions.

More in depth

Student starts about how he thinks the supervisor functions and what can be improved like for example:

  • Availability

  • Too much involved

  • Supervision practical work

  • Theoretical explanation

  • More..

Functioning student

First student explains thoughts and feelings about next topics and then the supervisor.

  • Dedication

  • Time of working

  • Organization of the research

  • Creativity

  • Overview

  • Literature research

  • Contact with colleagues

  • Other?

Thesis content

Does the thesis meet the expectation? No practical things are discussed here, but it is about general matters like:

  • Defining the subject

  • Feasibility of goals

  • Innovative

  • Depth

  • Routine work or new things?

At the end of the talk clear appointments are made of how to handle certain ‘problems’ and after three weeks a quick revision is done.