2018 Canada

The 2018 trip took place in June and and brought us to Canada. We visited well-known universities and research institutes that have close collaboration with prestigious companies close to Toronto and Montréal area. Below you will find more information about the universities that our PhD's have visited. In the blog you can read about the day to day activities during the trip.

The universities

Laval University - Laval University is a French-language, public research university in Quebec City. The university has 17 faculties covering all fields of studies, of which one is the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

AAFC Saint-Hyacinth - The Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) is part of the government of Canada and responsible for policies regarding agriculture production, farming income, research and development, inspection, and the regulation of animals and plants. The R&D centre in Saint-Hyacinthe focuses on conducting research and developing methods to preserve food and maintain its quality, and to process food safely and efficiently. Some of the work they do is very close to our own expertise.

University of Waterloo - The spirit of Waterloo's chemical engineering research is both collaborative and interdisciplinary. There are many similarities with what we do in FPE, namely: Colloid and surface science, interfacial engineering, electrochemical process research and modelling, flow in porous media and enhanced oil recovery, separation Processes and transport phenomena.

Guelph University - The University of Guelph consists of seven colleges containing Ontario Agricultural College which conducts plenty of teaching and research on food and agricultural disciplines. Research activities in Guelph RDC fall into the categories; New opportunities from bio-resources, Food safety, Health and well-being trough innovation.

Ryerson University - Ryerson University is home to Canada's largest undergraduate business school and Canada's third largest undergraduate engineering school. The Rousseau laboratories focus on the development of foods and soft materials with improved physical and compositional properties. Their efforts are based on the structuring of colloidal systems such as emulsions and gels using unique, innovative research approaches and access to world-calibre research tools. Their mission is the same as ours: processed foods with an extended shelf life, lower calories and less fat.