Thesis FQD MME students

The consumer science branch of the chair group Food Quality and Design (FQD) aims to study in an integrative way how consumer insights can be used to optimize product use and quality. Understanding consumer wishes and needs helps to improve the quality of life. Therefore, FQD focuses on the interaction between the consumer and all kinds of products with which the consumer gets in touch.

The consumer science branch of FQD is engaged in:

  • Studying consumer wishes and needs
  • Discovering the daily life context of the consumer to solve complex consumer issues
  • Analysing the interrelationship between consumers and products to gain insight into consumption patterns and behaviours
  • Translating consumer insights into guidelines for other stakeholders to optimize the consumer environment and experience

There are all kinds of questions you can ask yourself when studying the consumer-product interaction. What is important to the consumer? Why does the consumer behave in a certain way? What does the consumer want? FDQ did research on mothers’ snack choice behaviour, the influence of food labels on food choice, the consumer perception of the zero-packaging concept and the effect of weather and traffic conditions on food consumption. Still, a lot is yet to discover about the
consumer-product interaction, which is why FQD offers students a lot of
opportunities to uncover the fascinating world of the consumer.

For more information about possible topics and titles when doing your thesis within our FQD-consumer team, please consult the downloads on the right. You are off course free to come up with a thesis topic yourself as long as it fits within our expertise.