June 25

Agriculture and Agrifood Canada

It was a bright morning where we had a typical Canadian breakfast with crumbled eggs at the Guelph University Cafeteria and walked to Agriculture and Agrifood Canada (AAFC) along with Dr. Anna Lammerding . We were welcomed by a group picture to Guelph Food research Centre. Dr. Peter Wood gave a short tour around different labs and explained his research fascination towards oats, carbohydrates and physiological effects of dietary fiber. During our lab tour Els shared her memories working with different equipments while she was doing her master thesis.
After a short coffee break we gathered in a conference room where Dr. Mohit Bakshi director welcomed and gave a short introduction about the research centre and broader perspective of various research themes. AAFC provides information, research and technology, and policies and programs to achieve security of the food system, health of the environment and innovation for growth. AAFC, along with its portfolio partners, reports to Parliament and Canadians through the Ministry of Agriculture.

Laboratory of Food borne Zoo noses (LFZ)

After a long lunch break we finally arrived at the laboratory of Food borne Zoo noses. Anne Lammerding gave us a brief overview of the lab and its activities. The Laboratory for Food borne Zoo noses which is also called as Public Health Agency of Canada provides the scientific information and advice on minimizing the risks of human illnesses coming from the interface between humans, animals and the environment with special emphasis on intestinal disease causing agents. It collaborative with universities, government agencies, public health, and industry partners. After the presentation we had a short tour around the different labs to get an overview of the research work done at LFZ. A lot of people found some of their interesting research topics and went to on explore the scientific curiosity. The tour was concluded with a long coffee break where we all had stimulating scientific and social discussions with scientists and fellow PhD students from LFZ. The evening was quite interesting as we had a delicious Thai dinner at a restaurant outside the city of Guelph. We finished our day in a perfect fashion having our luck with mini golf near the restaurant. (Sachin Kadam)