June 28 - June 29

Second weekend of our trip, second social activities time: exciting times with ATV-Biking and Canoeing are planned. On this Saturday, 17 people from W.U. were heading for Parry Sound after three days spent in Guelph University; the weather was cloudy and promised bad. The rain started after we did package our luggage in vans and have breakfast on time. The whole group has to run under the rain to reach the parking. During the 4.5 tough driving hours that leads us to Parry sound, we admired alternatively sunny and rainy weather, beautiful hills and small forest areas on the roadsides. Lot Canadians were also travelling for the long Canada day weekend, so happy to enjoy the resting time that some lost their clothes on the crowded highway.

The sky was offering few rays of sunshine when the whole group met at the Bear Claw Tours centre (7km East of Parry Sound). The participants in the ATV-Biking tour were all stressed and anxious by the unknown they will experience. Friendly and competent guides welcome, introduce us to the tour and try to appease everyone. As far as of the drivers were getting used to the mobile quads, the pressure decreases slowly. Adrenaline rushes were experienced when climbing or going downhill, moving on muddy rocky ground and pools, escaping trees and rocks or going through the rough forest circus. Unless the famous Xiao got hurt twice during the tour after a spectacular fall from the back of an ATV; Unless Petra and Greetje were scared till the end of the tour, the rest of a the group enjoyed an exciting, awesome, little scary but stupendous day, one of the best of this trip. However, flies and mosquitoes were really unfriendly with the group as we were having coffee-break.

From this “explosive” day, we joined in the high standing Holiday Inn Express, hotel that we all enjoyed very well for its comfort. With 19°C in the morning, the next day started without sun and part of the group headed for the Algonquin Provincial Park for another adventured day canoeing. Two by two were did paddle in the park enjoying the fresh atmosphere of nature. The river in the park was bounded by forests and pure nature. It was nice and quiet times that help to recharge one’s batteries. Two scaring but finally really interested and enjoyable days!!! (Yann Madode)