June 30

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

We spent the whole morning on the way to Ottawa, where Canadian Food Inspection (CFI) locates. One group was late because of getting lost, so as to miss the lunch. CFI’s Vision: “To excel as a science-based regulator, trusted and respected by Canadians and the international community” and Mission: “Dedicated to safeguarding food, animals and plants, witch enhances the health and well-being of Canadian people, environment and economy” CFI has three arms: foods (safety, nutrition, authenticity and composition), plants (health, plant product industry including fertilizers) and animals (health and production, diseases, feeding). CFI also control fish products. Those controls are realized in many laboratories that the organization has spread over all country Activities elaborates by CFI: CFI works in the following fields: science, methods, testing, development, research and international advice; CFI has international accreditations such as ISO 17025; Staff is formed by veterinarians, scientists, chemist and biologist CFI contribute to create policies, establish programs, and operational activities (for instance, they have inspectors testing in the field). Also special activities: Assays of emigration of chemical in packaging, and pasteurization of cheese They are working on maps of risks, pharmaceutical products, probiotics, imported products (text translations, analysis product, and advise to the community witch is going to used it). When a problem is detected the CFI will advise to the company, but the implementation of solution is in charge of the company itself. In the afternoon, the WU-side presentations were given by Tjakko, Naiyana, Clint, Xiao and Maarten. (Francisco Carvajal Larenas)