Feldschlösschen Beverages

Monday, October 25, 2010

Feldschlösschen Beverages Ltd.

The next day we drove with our big rental vans to the Feldschlösschen brewery. The brewery existed out of several building all looking like a castle. The buildings were also beautiful form the inside and were very well maintained. We got a tour around their facilities. We saw a movie about the history of the company, the raw materials used for brewing beer, and the beautiful copper brew bowls. They also showed use how they fill bier bottles and barrels. After the tour there was the opportunity to taste the different biers brewed by Feldschlösschen brewery and a typical Swiss snack was served along the drinks. After the visit to the brewery we went to have lunch in the most amazing, extraordinary restaurant of Switzerland, I think. We had a great laugh there, and after a nice lunch we continued our trip to the Lausanne. On the way we enjoyed the wonderful landscape of Switzerland.
(Greetje Castelijn)