Nestlé Product Technology Centre (Singen)

Friday, October 29

Nestle Product Technology centre, Singen

Nestlé is the world's largest food company and ranks number one for its investments in research and development. The Product Technology Centre (PTC) Singen in Germany is specialized in the development of culinary and dough based products, hot and cold sauces, and baby food products as well as in the development of the necessary manufacturing technologies. It provides the broad span of product-specific R&D and technical expertise from a single source required to develop cost-competitive and – as far as possible- protectable products.

The Product Technology Centre creates technological leadership for major product groups and contributes to long-term growth by:
  • Product and process development
  • Industrialisation of new techniques
  • Technical support
  • Quality and safety

The product groups do research all over the world, which means that they have to focus on the local needs of their markets with regard to cooking culture, taste, climatic conditions, hygiene and product requirements as well as legal aspects. Company language is English.