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The Division of Human Nutrition and Health is located at buildings 124 (Helix) and 115 (Impulse)

Media contacts per expertise LA (Lydia) Afman Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics: effect of food in the body.
G (Guido) Camps PhD General
dr. S (Sanne) Boesveldt Smell and taste
prof.dr. CG (Ciaran) Forde Health effects of processed foods, dietary behaviour
prof.dr. RF (Renger) Witkamp Nutrients and supplements EF (Elise) Talsma Malnutrition M (Monica) Mars Satiety and (regulation of) food intake
prof.dr. BJM (Ben) Witteman MD Nutrition and Intestinal Health EJM (Edith) Feskens Nutrition and diabetes, sugar, carbohydrates
S (Sander) Biesbroek PhD Nutrition and sustainability
prof.dr. JM (Marianne) Geleijnse Nutrition and cardiovascular disease, salt, omega 3 fatty acids E (Ellen) Kampman Nutrition and cancer
prof.dr. EJ (Eric) Hazebroek Nutrition and obesity P (Pol) Grootswagers Nutrition and elderly, aging
dr. MR (Marco) Mensink Nutrition and sports
prof.dr. JM (Marianne) Geleijnse Nutrition policy
dr. YPY (Yannick) Vermeiren Nutrition and brain health/cognitive aging’


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Wageningen University & Research
Division of Human Nutrition and Health (Bode 62)       
P.O. Box 176700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands

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