Education of the Nutrition and Disease Group

Our group is highly committed to provide high quality education closely related to our research themes. Together with the Chair ‘Global Nutrition’, we are responsible for education on epidemiological and public health concepts and methods.

Theses and internships

For more information on MSc theses and internships, please enrol yourself to Thesis and Internship at the Human Nutrition and Health Brightspace page. Here you can find the course guide and other relevant documents for your thesis or internship. Moreover, you will find a vacancy list with thesis and internship topics.

Do you need help?

Please contact the educational assistant Sifra Mulder if you need any help or wonder whether Nutrition and Disease would be suited for your thesis or internship.

Our courses

For a complete overview of the courses that Nutrition and Disease is involved in, see the overview below.

Course code Course name Period
HNH24306 Nutrition Research Methodologies 1
HNH32403 Observational Designs and Assessment of Validity 1
HNH32903 Intermediate Analytical Epidemiology: Confounding and Effect Measure Modification 1
HNH37806 Nutrition and Cancer 1
HNH31006 Study Design and Interpretation in Epidemiology and Public Health 2
HNH32006 Design and Interpretation of Nutrition Intervention Studies 2
HNH32106 Nutrition and Cardiometabolic Diseases 2
HNH33403 Advanced Analytical Epidemiology 2
HNH31506 Analytical Epidemiology I: Modelling in Nutrition & Disease Research 3
HNH27806 General Medicine 4
HNH31903 Randomised Controlled Trials: Design and Analysis 4
HNH39106 Data Science for Nutritional Epidemiology 5
HNH20503 Nutrition and NCD: Cancer and Cardiometabolic Diseases 6
HNH30403DL Casual thinking in epidemiology 6