Education of Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour Chair Group

The chair group Sensory Science & Eating behaviour (SSEB) contributes to the bachelor programmes Human Nutrition and Health (BVG), Food technology (BFT) and Nutrition Health and Society (BGM). At the master level SSEB contributes to the programmes Human Nutrition and Health (MNH), Food Technology (MFT), Communication, Health and Life Sciences (MCH), Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (MCE) and European Master in Food studies (MFTEM).

Theses and internships

For more information on BSc theses, please contact Jill van der Mark-Idzinga is coordinator of the BSc thesis programme.

For more information on MSc theses and internships, please enrol yourself to Thesis and Internship at the Human Nutrition and Health Brightspace page. Here you can find the course guide and other relevant documents for your thesis or internship. Moreover, you will find a vacancy list with thesis and internship topics.

Do you need help?

Please contact the thesis and internship coordinator Sanne Boesveldt if you need any help or wonder whether SSEB would be suited for your thesis or internship.

Our courses

For a complete overview of the courses that SSEB is involved in, see the overview below.

Course code Course name Period
HNH30506 Principles of Sensory Science 1
HNH20306 Nutrition Behaviour 2
HNH11804 Introduction to the field of Nutrition and Health 2
FQD37806 Food Flavour Design 2
HNH51306 Nutritional Neurosciences 3
HNH30606 Instrumental Sensory Science 3
YSS35803 Data Types in Food and Consumer Behaviour 4
MCB33306 Integrated Sensory Science 4
HNH25806 Research Methodology for Nutrition and Health I 5
HNH30306 Psychobiology of Food Choice and Eating Behaviour 5
FPE32306 Food Digestion: Oral and Gastric Structure Breakdown 5
Clinical Sensory Science & Eating Behaviour 5
HNH29803 Basic Sensory Science 6
HNH26306 Research Methodology for Nutrition and Health II 6
FCH22308 Food Properties and Function 6
FQD60312 Product and Process Design 6