SSEB meets with Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance and hospital Gelderse Vallei

Published on
February 16, 2023

The Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour (SSEB) team from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) met today with Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance and hospital Gelderse Vallei (ZGV) to explore new opportunities for research and healthcare innovation.

The ZGV team included Marjolein de Jong, Tom van Loenhout Menrike Menkveld-Beukers, Arthur van Zanten, Tjarda van Heek, MD PhD, Imre Kouw, Elbrich Postma, Paul Smeets and Ciarán Forde from the WUR-SSEB side. The three organisations have a longstanding partnership and work closely together to share knowledge on sensory barriers to enhanced food enjoyment and intake in a clinical setting. This includes the ‘Reuk and Smaak’ centre and the unique f-MRI research into brain activity following smell and taste loss, research on the regulation of appetite and food intake in a clinical setting and emerging research on gastric emptying following bariatric surgery. We thank our hosts for a productive meeting and look forward to innovative collaborations together on the sensory and nutritional aspects of clinical care in the future.