WUgenoten is an association of professors of Wageningen University & Research, active or retired, and their partners. The association was founded in 1963 as an organisation of partners of professors, but it gradually evolved into an organisation of both Wageningen professors and their partners. In a way, WUgenoten filled the gap that was apparent after the abolishment of the Senate (‘Senaat’) in 1972, when it was replaced by a University Council, with representation of all gremia of the university, and when the visibility of, and support for, Wageningen professors as a group and contact with the Board of the University was lost.

Currently the main purpose of WUgenoten is to provide a forum and a platform for all Wageningen professors and their partners to network in a professional and social setting. WUgenoten organises events such as excursions, lectures, network drinks and the annual Dies dinner. In addition, the association organises events that promote contact and discussion between professors on matters of interest related to the ‘office’ (‘ambt’) of professor. For example the Wageningen professors meet regularly with the Rector Magnificus and discuss important university matters, such as research, teaching, ethical and strategic issues.