MSc Education Adaptation Physiology Group

In the master Animal Sciences, the chair group is involved in the specializations B Nutrition and Metabolism and D Adaptation, Health and Welfare (i.e. Adaptation, Health and Behaviour from 2020-2021 onwards).

The thesis-preparing courses for these specialisations are Adaptation Physiology and Health Welfare and Management.

Adaptation Physiology

In the course Adaptation Physiology (ADP30806, period 5), students work in small groups on a research proposal on a topic of their choice (or 2nd choice). The students start with a first exploration of the subject, then they continue with a literature review leading to specific research questions, which they present to their peers. In the last phase, they write the proposal for a 4-year project with details on proposed experiments. This course is a thorough preparation for the MSc thesis or a PhD, and a great opportunity to learn more about a specific topic.

Health, Welfare and Management

The course Health, Welfare and Management (ADP30306, period 1) discusses a variety of topics from chicken and pig vitality to social behaviour and animal emotion. In this course, students also write a position paper on one of the topics in the course. In this way, students can explore new or familiar subjects in more depth and work on their academic and critical attitude.

What students say

In the first period, Health, Welfare and Management had fascinating topics, even though the exam was quite hard.
Master student Fizri

Sensor Data in Animal Sciences

A new course, coordinated by Adaptation Physiology and Animal Production Systems, is the course Sensor data in Animal Sciences (ADP31306, period 2). The course is about sensors used in animal production systems (with a focus on accelerometers, feeding stations, and trackers) and basic methods for looking at and working with their data. Practicals and a case study in small groups will give the students hands-on experience with the handling, processing, interpretation and reporting of data generated by sensors. This course is not yet part of a specialisation, but prepares you for the increasing use of sensor technology and data science.

MSc Thesis / Research Practice / Internship

Many students join ADP each year for their MSc thesis / research practice / internship. Interested students first meet with the coordinator, preferably 6 months before the preferred start for an intake in which they look for a match between student interests and thesis / research practice / internship opportunities

Not only the internship, but also thesis / research practice can take place at other universities or research institutes, outside Wageningen. A list of recent topics can be found her below.

If you consider ADP for your thesis, research practice or internship, you are welcome to make an appointment to discuss the options!


What students say

The thesis was quite a learning process, but I had guidance and supervision from friendly academic staff at ADP.
[ADP is] ...absolutely recommended; just go to the ADP coordinator; you will find the answer you need there.