Theses and interships at Animal Breeding and Genomics

Animal Breeding and Genomics (ABG) has a wide range of thesis topics for BSc and MSc students. We also offer help with finding internships and research practices and provide supervision of these projects.


Students who want to do a BSc or MSc thesis or a research practice at ABG can choose from an extensive list of thesis projects.

If you are interested in doing a MSc or BSc thesis at ABG, please contact:


Students who want to do an internship should contact Dr. Pascal Duenk. Please note: it can take some time to make all the necessary arrangements for you to start your thesis or internship, so make sure you contact him in time (preferably ~6 months before the planned start of your thesis or internship).

What do our students say?

We asked several students to share their experiences of their theses/internships. Check out their testimonials!

Writing a thesis is not the ‘big scary thing’ that you might think.
Danique van den Hurk, BSc-thesis at WUR-ABG

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What I also found very useful were the thesis rings.
Anne Boshove, MSc-thesis at WUR-ABG

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My internship makes the research much more tangible.
Samirah Blaauw, internship at Rotterdam zoo

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