Master of Biology

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We are represented in three out of four specialisations: Ecology, Development & Adaptation and Health & Disease

Specialisation Ecology

The main theme in the Ecology specialisation is the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in changing marine and terrestrial environments. Field research, molecular techniques, modelling and quantitative analysis of large datasets form an integral part of this specialisation.

Specialisation Development and Adaptation

In the Development and Adaptation specialisation, students learn to use biomechanics, behavioural observations, genetic principles, biochemical analysis, molecular and physiological techniques to study how individual organisms, particularly plants and animals, adapt to their biotic and abiotic marine and terrestrial environment, both during development and in adult life.

Specialisation Health and Disease

The Health and Disease specialisation focuses on the prevention of health problems and the functioning of healthy animals. Therefore, students are taught molecular, immunological, virological, physiological and disease ecological approaches.