Video's Small Fish for Food Project

Published on
October 10, 2022

The Small Fish for Food Project has just finished. The project researched various aspects around the ecology, fisheries, value chains, nutrition and policies around catches of small fish in Africa – small fish as marine anchovies and sardines, but also the large number of small fish species that have become so important in in the fisheries of African lakes and rivers. The video’s give a very nice overview of the issues with beautiful images.

The four video’s highlight different aspects around the biology, fishery, processing, value chain, and policies of small fish, but they can all be viewed on their own: The focus is on, respectively:

  1. Biology fisheries and productive capacity of small fish
  2. Processing, trading and the role of women
  3. Nutrition and importance for food security
  4. Fish for food or feed, and lack of policy attention

You can download one or all of the video’s at:

Small Fish For Food final videos

or take a look at the youtube channel: