Registration information

The number of participants is limited to 35 persons, admitted on a ‘first-come’ basis.
ALL-IN registration includes accommodation, meals and registration.

Costs are 400 € for accommodation and meals for the whole workshop period PLUS a registration fee of 450 € (Ph.D. students), 650 € (post-doc, academic staff) or 1200 € (company staff).

ALL-IN registration includes:

  • 4 x bed & breakfast, single room (arrival on Sunday 28th of April, departure on Thursday 2nd of May)
  • 4 x lunch (Monday-Thursday)
  • 3 x diner (Monday-Wednesday)
  • and costs for registration, administration, workshop material and practicals

Upon registration via our website, WE will make a reservation for your accomodation at the Wageningen International Conference Centre (WICC) where ALL participants and speakers will be staying. This reservation will be made final upon your timely payment of the total costs for accomodation and registration. After registration we will contact you with more information about the payment.

Single day registration, without B&B, is possible.

Additional requirements (extra nights, diners etcetera) should be arranged with the conference centre.

Registration is final after payment of the registration fee before 1st of April 2024. You will receive an invoice containing all payment details.

Cancellations must be notified by e-mail to the attention of dr. M. Forlenza. If received before the 6th of April, all fees except a cancellation charge of 40 EURO will be refunded. Half of the paid fee will be refunded between 8th and 15th of April, but no refunds will be made after April 15th.

Registration form

We have reached the maximum number of participants, please contact us at if you really want to attend.