Widhya Nugroho Satrioajie, Sandwich Student Ph.D (Indonesia)

Area of interest
Fisheries management, ecology.

Relevant research

Widhya Nugroho Satrioajie is an Indonesian Sandwich Ph.D, works in Research Centre for Deep Sea (RCDS), Ambon Island Moluccas – Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)

Working on International Project called BESTTUNA (Benefiting from Innovations in Sustainable and Equitable Tuna Management in the Coral Triangle and Western Pacific) by taking a research about effort allocation of mixed fisheries on tuna’s and small pelagics with juvenile tuna bycatch and their interaction with FAD's.

Since end of 2009 he joined Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) as early stage researcher in ecology group. He is interested in the fisheries ecology and also the use of remote sensing and geography information system (RS-GIS) technologies on fisheries oceanography. In his PhD project, he more focuses on the fishery system of tuna fishing such as the FADs utilization, effort allocation and tuna behaviour particularly the use of acoustic technologies.


Contact info

Aquaculture and Fisheries Group

PO Box 338 6700 AH Wageningen, The Netherlands