Prof.dr. W. van Muiswinkel


W. van Muiswinkel

Emeritus Professor

E-mail: W. van Muiswinkel


Prof dr Willem B. van Muiswinkel (1942)  was appointed as staff member of the Group in 1975.

He initiated research into the immune system of teleost fish and as from 1985 he was appointed professor in Cell Biology & Immunology. Focus was directed to genetics of disease resistance, vaccination and stress and immunity. Under his guidance the impact of the group within the research to the immune system of aquatic animals steadily increased. He guided 22 PhD students and many MSc students. He actively participated in international exchange networks and organization of congresses. In 1994 he hosted the ISDCI conference.

Since 2003 he is emeritus professor at Wageningen University and is currently documenting the history of comparative immunology research field.