Education of the Animal Nutrition Group

Staff members of the Animal Nutrition Group provide specialised BSc and MSc courses in animal nutrition within the Animal Sciences degree of Wageningen University & Research as well as contribute to post-graduate courses organised by Wageningen Academy and the graduate school Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences (WIAS).

For BSc and MSc students, the academic year is divided into 6 periods, normally running from September to July. You can find more information about the courses in animal nutrition on our website. An overview of our courses including learning outcomes, activities, examination and literature can be found on the following link: ANU Education. For all Wageningen University courses see the complete Study Handbook.

For questions with regard to the Animal Nutrition educations please contact Wilbert Pellikaan or Yvonne van Holland (ANU secretariat, top right of this page).

Student representative for the Animal Nutrition Group: Vivian van der Nat.