Climate respiration chambers

The Wageningen climate respiration unit is one of the research facilities of the Department of Animal Sciences (Animal Sciences Group) within the Wageningen University. The Adaptation Physiology and Animal Nutrition groups are responsible for operating this research facility. The type of research done in the climate respiration chambers is highly multidisciplinary. For example, a large part of the research involves scientists of Nutrition, Ethology, Genetics, Immunology or Reproduction groups, both from within, or outside Wageningen). In addition, our researchers cooperate with other universities and international companies.

Generally, the research performed in our unit’s addresses questions how animal factors (genetics, phenotypic differences, and health status), nutritional factors and environmental factors (temperature, humidity, stocking density, and housing conditions) affect responses of animals. Measured responses strongly depend on the research questions involved, but generally, digestibility, heat production, physical activity are among the standard measurements performed. In addition, these measurements may be combined with behavioural measurements, blood parameters (catheterized or not) and anything you can measure at slaughter.