Education of the Animal Production Systems Group

In the Animal Production Systems specialisation students learn to describe, analyse and explore animal production systems.

Goal Oriented Systems Approach
Goal Oriented Systems Approach

Animal Production Systems (APS) students learn a variety of system tools to unravel sustainability concerns in complex livestock systems and to evaluate the integral consequences of innovations. For example: what is the impact of increasing the annual milk production per cow on the emission of greenhouse gases along the chain, the welfare of the animal and net-farm income or the local livelihood? Results of such a goal-oriented systems analysis support design of new innovations (e.g. new feeding strategy or a farm design).

Our courses offer students the possibility to understand the impact of, e.g., nutritional, breeding or management measures on sustainability aspects, such as climate change, water scarcity, depletion of resources, the local economy or animal welfare. This knowledge enables you to participate in the scientific and political debate about future options and limitations of sustainable animal production systems across the world.

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