Animal Productions Systems - PhD Theses before 2011


L.T. Phong: Dynamics of sustainability in Integrated-Agriculture Aquaculture systems in the Mekong Delta


S.R. de Bruin: Sowing in the autumn season - Exploring the benefits of green care farms for dementia patients

B.K. Boogaard: The socio-cultural sustainability of animal farming. An inquiry into social perceptions of dairy farming in the Netherlands and Norway

F.W. Oudshoorn: Innovative technology and sustainable development of organic dairy farming. The case of automatic milking systems in Denmark


M.A. Thomassen: Environmental impact of dairy cattle production systems: an integral assessment

A.K. Mekoya: Multipurpose fodder trees in Ethiopia: farmers' perception, constraints to adoption and effect of long-term supplementation on sheep performance


R.H. Bosma: Using fuzzy logic models to reveal farmers' motives to integrate livestock, fish, and crops

H.A. Aklilu: Village poultry in Ethiopia; Socio-technical analysis and learning with farmers


B.R. Patil: Dynamics of livestock development in Gujarat, India. Experiences of an Indian NGO

I.G.S. Budisatria: Dynamics of small ruminant development in Central Java, Indonesia


H. Mollenhorst: How to House a Hen - Assessing sustainable development of egg production systems

A. Abegaz: Farm management in mixed farming crop-livestock systems in the Northern Highlands of Ethiopia

M.W. Barwegen: De geschiedenis van de veehouderij op Java, 1850-2000


B. de Araujo Waltrick: Contribution of Holstein cows to sustainability of dairy systems in Brazil

A.M.G. Cornelissen: The two faces of sustainability. Fuzzy evaluation of sustainable development

B.O. Bebe: Herd dynamics of smallholder dairy in the Kenya highlands


J.F.F.P. Bos: Comparing specialised and mixed farming systems in the clay areas of the Netherlands under future policy scenarios: an optimisation approach

C.H.A.M. Eilers: Iguana production: hope or scope?


M.A. Slingerland: Mixed farming: Scope and constraints in West African Savanna

M. Savadogo: Crop residue management in relation to sustainable land use. A case study in Burkina Faso