ClearFarm is well on its way to creating a sensor-based digital platform for monitoring the welfare of farm animals

October 26, 2023

With only a few months ahead Wageningen University & Research hosted on 26-27 October the final annual meeting of the project ClearFarm. All insights from the previous four years have been applied to the development of the digital platform.

Four years ago, a multidisciplinary team of experts from 13 organisations in 6 European countries initiated the ClearFarm project. The common goal: to create a sensor-based digital platform for monitoring animal welfare in pig and dairy farming.

Overcoming obstacles such as a pandemic and major changes in the consortium, they have made an important contribution to the development of a technology that can improve animal welfare throughout the production chain.

In October they held their final annual meeting in Wageningen University & Research to identify the key lessons learned so far and to assess how to tackle the pending challenges in the coming months. The multi-stakeholder approach that has characterised the research was reflected in lively discussions that will enrich the final outputs.

The team is now putting the finishing touches to the ClearFarm platform, which will be presented in Brussels next spring. Stay tuned for more info!