Positive Animal Welfare Team nominated for Research Award

February 21, 2024

The Positive Animal Welfare (PAW) Team has been nominated for the Research Award, category Team effort of the Year. The team members will pitch their activity during the Wageningen Graduate Schools DIES Symposium on the celebrations of the 106th Dies Natalis of Wageningen University & Research on the 8th of March 2024.

The PAW Team successfully contributed to a recently granted EU Partnership proposal on Positive Animal Health and Welfare – written in two weeks’ time in a beautiful symphony of genius and chaos. The team combines expertise in the field of positive animal welfare from three different groups, ensuring a leading role of WUR in scientific studies on Positive Animal Welfare and in European efforts towards lifting the lives of farm animals. Together all the disciplines and skills relevant to the study of positive animal welfare in farm animals are covered: from ethology to physiology, from conceptual thinking to science-based application, from animal level to farm level.

Employees and students can join this event and vote for our pitch! They can register via the website of Dies Natalis - WUR.

PAW team foto

Team members are Laura Webb, Simon Oosting (Animal Production Systems Group), Allyson Ipema, Liesbeth Bolhuis, Inonge Reimert, Bas Kemp (Adaptation Physiology Group), Fleur Hoorweg, Ingrid de Jong, Hans Spoolder and Yvette de Haas (Wageningen Livestock Research).