Raimon Ripoll-Bosch leader of new FAO Ecosystem Services group

Published on
March 28, 2023

FAO has appointed our researcher Raimon Ripoll-Bosch as one of the leaders of the Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) technical advisory group on ecosystem services

Livestock production is associated with the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. On occasion, however, livestock can sustain biodiversity and provide ecosystem services
Raimon Ripoll-Bosch

Together with Sophie Bertrand (French Dairy Inter-branch Organisation (CNIEL)), Raimon Ripoll-Bosch will be leader of the new Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Ecosystem Services of FAO LEAP (Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance Partnership). Ecosystem services are goods and services that the natural environment provides to humans.

LEAP develops comprehensive guidance and methodology for understanding the environmental performance of livestock supply chains, in order to shape evidence-based policy measures and business strategies.

With 32 experts from 20 countries working on such a complex topic, it will be an exciting challenge to mine the deep knowledge of the group to build harmonized guidelines for assessing ecosystem services from livestock
Sophie Bertrand