Research Facilities of the Aquaculture and Fisheries Group

For their experimental work the Aquaculture and Fisheries Group use the Aquatic Research Facility (ARF) of the animal Sciences Group. The ARF is facilitating a broad spectrum of research within the aquatic environment from fresh to marine and from warm to cold water.

The ARF has replicated units of pilot orientated, experimental systems where experiments can be done.

Research fields are: Fish nutrition, welfare and recirculation systems (water treatment). Unique within our facility are the aquatic respiration cells that gives us the opportunity to perform continuous measurements on the metabolism of fish.

The ARF is maintaining a number of carp and zebra fish lines with specific genetic characteristics, these fish are also sold to external parties. Although the emphasis is on research with fish, this is certainly not a limitation, we also facilitate (respiration) research with corals and we have experience with organisms like: Sepia, seahorse, pipefish, sea urchin, etc. and also with aquatic plants, periphyton and algae.

A selection of facility units and tools are listed below.