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EMF effects on the innate immune system at the molecular, cellular and whole animal level

This project will enhance knowledge in the area of electromagnetic fields and health by clarifying some of the actual effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields (LF-EMF) on the innate immune system. The main goal of this project is to gain a basic understanding of possible LF-EMF effects at all levels of the organism (molecular, cellular and whole organism). Our model builds on existing in vitro models studying the formation of oxygen radicals in human monocytes, thus taking into account past research and established effects.The research questions in theis proposal address how LF-EMF modulate a) the in vitro response of macrophages, b) in vivo fish health and c) transcription of (immune-relevant) genes. The animal species of choice is fish, common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.), using an in vitro culture system of the fish equivalent of human bone marrow-derived macrophages. Carp macrophages will be exposed to LF-EMF treatments to measure macrophage activation. Microarray analysis will be used to detect gene regulation and genes that respond to LF-EMF treatment will be selected for a subsequent detailed analysis of changes in expression by real-time quantitative PCR analysis.