Ellen Stolte


Ellen Stolte

E-mail: ellen.kranenbarg@wur.nl


Currently at Host-Microbe Interactomics

Application of genomic tools for identification of crucial messengers for neuro-endocrine and immune adaptation of fish to stress and infection

The neuro-endocrine and immune system of teleostean fishes have evolved in a balanced manner and exchange of information between these systems is crucial to adequately adapt to stressful circumstances. Integrated analysis of gene expression patterns, followed by adequate functional studies will reveal the fundamental adaptive mechanisms and will provide useful genomic and proteomic tools to monitor the physiological condition of animals in endangered circumstances or of different breeding. We aim at studying the important ligands and receptors involved in stress regulation and immunity. We now also aim to apply microarray technology for identification of crucial messengers for neuroendocrine and immune adaptation of carp to stress, pollution and infection, providing “early warning messengers" for optimal welfare and disease resistance in aquaculture. Subsequently the outcome will be applied to develop important proteomics parameters for genetic selection to obtain optimal fitness for aquaculture with regard to stress resistance, health status and resistance to infection.

This project is a cooperation between the Cell Biology & Immunology Group and the Dept. of Animal Physiology, Radboud University, Nijmegen (Prof. Dr. Gert Flik).