Education of the Experimental Zoology Group

The Experimental Zoology Group (EZO) provides a captivating range of BSc courses that immerse students in the fundamental principles of zoology. By grasping these principles, students gain insight into the remarkable abilities of animals to thrive and propagate in their natural habitats. Expanding upon these foundations, EZO further enriches students' knowledge through a compelling selection of MSc courses, paving the way for their MSc thesis journey within EZO.

To gain profound insights into the workings of animals, a quantitative lens is often essential, enabling us to distil the intricate tapestry of biological reality down to its fundamental components.

Capita selecta

At EZO, a Capita Selecta offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in tailor-made projects of relatively short duration (3 or 6 ECTS). Each Capita Selecta project can vary significantly depending on the student's interests and goals. It could involve a small-scale research endeavour, an in-depth literature study, the development of educational materials, and more.

In all cases, a crucial criterion remains constant: the presence of a clear and assessable end product. This could take the form of a scientific report, a section of an educational manual, or a description outlining an enhanced experimental setup.

If you have an intriguing idea for a Capita Selecta project at EZO, we encourage you to get in touch with us at Together, we will explore the possibilities and turn your idea into a reality.

Honours cards

Honours Cards form an integral part of the BSc Honours Program, offering you an avenue to expand your knowledge through engaging assignments beyond the scope of your regular educational program. At EZO, we warmly welcome students who wish to utilize Honours Cards to enrich their academic journey.


An internship is an external (research) project conducted outside Wageningen University. It offers an opportunity to gain practical experience at various institutions, companies, or universities. At EZO, we prioritize science-driven research internships, leading to collaborations with universities and research institutes worldwide.

At EZO, there are two pathways to kickstart your internship:

  1. If you already have a specific destination in mind within EZO's research field, we're here to assist you in turning that vision into reality.
  2. If you aspire to contribute to the research field of EZO but haven't pinpointed a specific opportunity yet, fret not! We can provide guidance and help you discover potential avenues.

For both scenarios, reach out to us at, and together we will embark on an exploration of the possibilities.

Opportunities at EZO

Perhaps you have already taken an EZO course and discovered a deep fascination for a specific topic. Alternatively, you might be eager to delve into the realms of biomechanics, bio-inspired design, evolution, or animal development, which are among our group's research expertise areas. If you're unsure whether your interests align with our research topics, you can explore our current student research topics [here] (provide the hyperlink).

If you are considering utilizing one of your Honours Cards at EZO, please share the following details with us by sending an email to

  • The topic that captivates your attention and the reasons behind your interest.
  • The type of activity you would like to dedicate your time to, such as analysis, evaluation, or creation.
  • The specific skills you aim to improve or acquire during the process.
  • The desired end product you wish to deliver, be it a report, a video, an educational component, or otherwise.
  • The number of cards you intend to use (2 or 4 ECTS).

Our courses

Courses that we coordinate:

Year Code Course
BSc-1 EZO-10306 Human and Animal Biology 1
BSc-1 EZO-10806 Human and Animal Biology 1 (UK)
BSc-2 EZO-21803 Basic Principles of Vertebrate Zoology
BSc-2 EZO-23306 Modelling Biological Systems
BSc-2 EZO-22306 Key Concepts in Developmental Biology
BSc-2 EZO-20306 Invertebrates, Algae & Fungi
BSc-2 EZO-51306 Marine Life
BSc-3 EZO-31306 Vertebrate Structure and Function
MSc EZO-32806 Biomimetics
MSc EZO-30806 Functional Zoology
MSc EZO-32303 Laboratory Animal Science: Design and Ethics in Animal Experimentation
MSc EZO-30306 Developmental Biology of Animals
PhD The Final Touch (WIAS)

We also participate in:

Year Code Course
BSc-1 HAP-10306 Principles of Human Physiology
BSc-1 YAS-10806 Biology of Domestic Animals
BSc-2 HAP-20306 Human and Animal Biology 2
BSc-2 NEM-21306 Ecophysiology
BSc-2 MOB-20803 Mechanisms of Development
MSc AFI-31306 Life History of Aquatic Organisms
MSc HAP-31306 Development and Healthy Aging
MSc YBI-37806 Frontiers in Biology

Information for current BSc / MSc Thesis and Internship students at EZO:

Year Code Link
BSc / MSc EZO-82000 Brightspace page for current EZO students

Full course overview:

Course catalogue