Education of Human and Animal Physiology

Human and Animal Physiology is committed to challenging and inspiring teaching for BSc, MSc and PhD students.

We teach and train Wageningen University students and guests. The regular courses of Human and Animal Physiology are linked to a variety of BSc and MSc programs, including ‘Nutrition and Health’, ‘Animal Sciences’, ‘Biology’, ‘Biotechnology’, ‘Molecular Life Sciences’, ‘Food Chemistry’ and ‘Plant Sciences’. More detailed information about the courses provided by Human and Animal Physiology can be found on: HAP Education. For all Wageningen University courses see the Study Handbook.

HAP offers possibilities to participate directly in physiological studies with humans and animals. Other thesis research focuses on molecular cell physiological research and in-depth investigations of samples from human and animal studies using a wide variety of biochemical, molecular biological and histological methods for comprehensive mechanistic and physiological interpretation. For more information on BSc or MSc theses you can contact An experimental thesis requires a minimum of 24 EC.

For more information on general educational matters and MSc internship you can contact Dr Katja Teerds.

HAP participates in the graduate schools VLAG (Human Nutrition and Health) and WIAS (Animal Sciences) to optimally facilitate education and training of PhD students, depending on their research focus.