About Animal Breeding and Genomics

Animal Breeding and Genomics (ABG) provides education and generates knowledge on the role and sustainable use of genetic variation in animals. We provide knowledge to support the adequate supply of safe and healthy food of animal origin, and to enhance the health, welfare and productivity of animals.

Our multi-disciplinary team combines expertise in quantitative and molecular genetics related to the biological functioning of animals. In addition, we study genetic variation in farm and companion animals and examine opportunities to use naturally occurring genetic variation in selection schemes.

About our research

Our activities contribute to all three WIAS (Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences) research themes, which are:

  • Characterisation, utilisation and conservation of (agro)biodiversity
  • Animal functioning (health, welfare and production)
  • Quality of animal products


Together with the department of Genomics of Wageningen Livestock Research, Animal Breeding and Genomics makes up WUR-ABG. WUR-ABG
is the centre of excellence for all national and international animal breeding
and genomics activities of Wageningen University & Research. It is involved in both research and education and focuses on understanding and utilising genetic differences between animals for food production, companionship, and nature conservation.