Scientific diving at WUR

Scientific diving is a crucial tool for scientists to study the biodiversity and functioning of aquatic environments. However, having the underwater environment as a work place also poses challenges. Therefore a Dutch protocol has been made to make diving for science more safe and effective. Furthermore, Wageningen offers two courses to students, staff and professional to teach them proper scientific diving.

The Dutch Scientific Diving Platform has taken the lead in creating a protocol that bridges the gap between recreational diving and commercial diving. Now, a national protocol is available specifically focussing on the safety and effectiveness of scientific diving. With it, the Netherlands is now a candidate member of the European Scientific Diving Panel. We hope that with the national implementation of this protocol in the law, diving for research will become safer for the whole of the Netherlands.

To provide knowledge on scientific diving, we provide theoretical courses for students and professionals, and are also working on starting up practical courses to get some actual underwater experience.