Education of the Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology Group

The Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology group is involved in all three levels of education: BSc, MSc and PhD. It is possible to perform a thesis, research practice, or internship at our group.

MSc thesis and internship

At average 10-15 students annually perform their MSc thesis within the Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology Group.

Examples of thesis and internship subjects in recent years

  1. Modelling the spatial-temporal distribution of Culex pipiens and Culex torrentium in the Netherlands
  2. Estimate the probability that low temperatures increase the probability of infection in susceptible animals
  3. A network meta-analysis comparing strategies to prevent and cure intramammary infections in dairy cattle
  4. Genetic selection of cattle against bovine tuberculosis in Ireland
  5. The epidemiology of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in North Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia

MSc specialisations in which we participate

Our courses

Course code Course title
QVE20306 Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics
QVE30306 Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology
QVE30806 Management of Infections and Diseases in Animal Populations