About us

The Department of Animal Sciences is one of five departments at Wageningen University & Research.

We provides education and research in accordance to our mission:

To develop, innovate and disseminate knowledge that contributes to sustainable and socially responsible animal husbandry and fisheries


The Department of Animal Sciences provides education to more than 1000 students. The department provides education on bachelor, master and PhD level with the aim to educate students in becoming well-trained, skilled and critical professionals who are able to work in multidisciplinary teams all over the world. The chair groups of the Department of Animal Sciences offer education in various study programmes including:

Bachelors (Dutch)

Masters (English)


Research at the Wageningen University Department of Animal Sciences can be divided into three main themes:  

  1. Animal health and welfare
  2. Healthy and safe food
  3. Sustainable systems

With these subjects, we contributes to healthy and safe products while also focussing on animal health in sustainable systems.

The research within the Department of Animal Sciences is carried out by 12 chair groups.

PhD students conduct 75 percent of all research and are supported by graduate school Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences  (WIAS)