Course overview (Study Handbook)

Courses that we coordinate:

Year Period Code Course
BSc-1 5 EZO-10306 Human and Animal Biology 1
BSc-1 5 EZO-10806 Human and Animal Biology 1 (UK)
BSc-2 2 EZO-21803 Basic Principles of Vertebrate Zoology
BSc-2 2 EZO-23306 Modelling Biological Systems
BSc-2 5 EZO-22306 Key Concepts in Developmental Biology
BSc-2 6 EZO-20306 Biology of Invertebrates, Algae & Fungi
BSc-2 6 EZO-51306 Marine Life
BSc-3 2 EZO-31306 Vertebrate Structure and Function
MSc 4 EZO-32806 Biomimetics
MSc 5 EZO-30806 Functional Zoology
MSc 4 / 6 EZO-32303 Laboratory Animal Science: Design and Ethics in Animal Experimentation
MSc 6 EZO-30306 Developmental Biology of Animals
PhD The Final Touch (WIAS)

We also participate in:

Year Period Code Course
BSc-1 3 HAP-10306 Principles of Human Physiology
BSc-1 4 YAS-10806 Biology of Domestic Animals
BSc-2 1 HAP-20306 Human and Animal Biology 2
BSc-2 1 NEM-21306 Ecophysiology
BSc-2 3 MOB-20803 Mechanisms of Development
MSc 1 AFI-31306 Life History of Aquatic Organisms
MSc 3 HAP-31306 Development and Healthy Aging
MSc 3 YBI-37806 Frontiers in Biology

Information for current BSc / MSc Thesis and Internship students at EZO:

Year Period Code Link
BSc / MSc EZO-82000 Brightspace page for current EZO students