Marine ecosystem dependent impact of underwater exhaust expulsion


The GasDrive propulsion aims at increasing the energy efficiency of liquefied natural gas powered ships. It combines an innovative engine with an underwater gas (mainly CO2) exhaust system. The gas is retained in specially designed nanostructured surface hull and also expected to have antifouling properties. However, the environmental impact of the underwater CO2 emission on marine organisms is unknown. For instance, it may exacerbate acidification in low buffered water and stimulate algae bloom in eutrophic areas. This PhD project aims at providing an environmental impact assessment of the emitted gas and investigating the antifouling property of the GasDrive system.

Aims and Objectives

  • Understand the impact of underwater exhaust gas on specific local ecosystems.
  • Investigate the potential of prolonged CO2 retention to prevent biofouling.
  • Perform a net environmental impact assessment of GasDrive propulsion in sensitive areas.