MSc theses 2013

Below, an overview is provided of the MSc thesis reports produced by students who did an MSc thesis at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group in 2013.

  • Abidemi Rufus: Analysis of cultural ecosystem services provided by Osun-Osogbo sacred grove, Nigeria
  • Pauline Jaquot: Contribution of four initiatives from the ‘Wedging the Gap’ approach to achieve Copenhagen climate-change mitigation target
  • Efrosyni Antoniou: Coping with water scarcity under climate change in the Mediterranean. Sustainable urban water management strategies
  • Hein Tanis: Impacts of nutrient addition on carbon fluxes of tropical forests
    Lena Schulte-Uebbing: Wedging the Emissions Gap in Agriculture. Potential of a possible bottom-up initiative to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
  • Shan Gao: Life cycle assessment on commuting alternatives in Beijing: comparing commuting by electric scooters, conventional gasoline cars and subway
  • Kawire Gosselink: Environmental performance of positive deviants among organic dairy farmers in the Netherlands
  • Kevin Bulder: Policy drivers and the Climate Policy Development Index. Climate policies in the Top 50 Greenhouse Gas Emitting Countries
  • Khai Thanh Lâm: Assessing costs and benefits of milkfish aquaculture and coastal fisheries in Java, Indonesia
  • Ekaningrum Damastuti: Integrated assessment of mangrove management states in Java: ecological and socio-cultural aspects
  • Hao Wang: Integrated assessment of the impacts from coal mining on wetland ecosystem services in Duolun County, China
  • Nikolett Czeglédi: Integrated assessment of human impacts on wetland services in the Upper Kromme River Catchment, South Africa
  • Maria R. Pagliawan Carcallas: The effect of climate variability on six seabird species breeding in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Philippines
  • Md. Wahiduzzaman: Forest Management and CO2 Emissions from Tropical Deforestation in Southern Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Cyril Darimani: Analysis of water use of the Black Volta river in Ghana. An ecosystem services approach
  • Antonio Roade Tato: Effects of land-use change on pollination services in Stockholm, Sweden. Application of the InVEST model in an urban area
  • Natalia Lutti Hummel: Critical factors to transfer a strategy for community-based ecosystem management in Ilha do Cardoso, Brazil
  • Clara Veerkamp: Agriculture and biodiversity conservation in the water-stressed South African Kouga Catchment. An inventory and integrated assessment relating land management and ecosystem services
  • Bening Mayanti: Products Life Cycle Impacts on Biodiversity and Climate Change from Conventional and Organic Dairy Farming in the Netherlands
  • He Yang: Effects of changes in the human diet on nitrogen and phosphorus export by rivers to the coastal seas of China
  • Bart Schalkwijk: Towards a method for ecosystem service opportunity mapping in community based planning processes: A case study on water regulation in the Dutch Groene Woud
  • Yinchen Zhang: Effect of urbanization on nutrient export by rivers to the coastal waters of China: past and future trends
  • Bart Brookhuis: Non-linearity in flood control valuation of tropical (de-)forested catchments
  • Weiwen Zhao: Interacting Impacts of Air Quality and Climate Change on Carbon Sequestration of Grassland Ecosystems
  • Daniel Woldegebriel: Using a life cycle assessment to determine the environmental impacts of Ethiopian milk production